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Servicing the galvanizing industry

U.S. Zinc produces Prime Western (PW) zinc metal and sells it to the galvanizing industry to coat steel materials, protecting them from corrosion and rust. Our zinc metal is available in a variety of sizes ranging from the smaller ingot that weighs 25 kg (55 lbs.) to the larger, jumbo size 1 metric ton (2,204 lbs.). Our distribution and agent network spans the globe with dedicated technical support for our customers. To ensure quality, we are ISO certified.

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Packaging to Meet Your Needs

From various sizes, weights and shapes, U.S. Zinc offers a variety of packaging options for our zinc metal customers. In addition, an individual assay always accompanies any shipment of zinc to ensure conformance with the required specifications.

Prime Western (PW) Grade Zinc Metal Packaging Options

  • 55 lb. Slabs – in 2,200 lb. bundles
  • 500 lb. Slabs – in 2,200 lb. bundles
  • 2,200 lb. Jumbos


U.S. Zinc is committed to a sustainable approach for our products. We purchase spent materials containing zinc metal, also known as secondaries, and utilize them as raw materials to make some of our products which are in turn used by galvanizers to protect steel against corrosion.

As an environmentally conscious company, we strongly support reclaiming the zinc from secondaries and encourage it among domestic galvanizers. By keeping zinc secondaries within the U.S., domestic galvanizers not only reduce environmental impact, but also minimize future zinc shortages.

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