LME Zinc
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Our Cycle is Recycle®

U.S. Zinc is committed to a sustainable approach for our products. When we say we are a recycler, we mean it. Every particle in our production gets utilized. These processes result in a full cycle of recycling, where nothing goes to waste, where we provide a secure outlet for continuous and hot dip galvanizers to recycle their residues. By recycling zinc, we encourage reduced waste, re-use and recycling of materials across the spectrum.

We purchase zinc metal secondaries as raw material feed to produce certain types of zinc oxide, dust, metal and fines products. U.S. Zinc is one of the largest zinc recyclers, globally.

Our ability to use both dross and skims at competitive pricing, helps keep the market pricing for the residues generated by the steel companies and galvanizers at a fair level and ensures ease of doing business with us.

Through our longevity, ethical standards and flexibility, we believe this helps the steel and galvanizing industry feel assured there will always be an outlet for their products that is receptive to their needs.