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Code Of Conduct

Inspired by Values and guided by the Group’s Vision, Votorantim and U.S. Zinc’s Code of Conduct expresses its ethical commitment in the relationships with clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, government authorities, the media, communities, and society in general. It is a tool used on a daily basis to guide actions and decisions, guaranteeing the unity in all companies of the Group, independently from region, culture or market.

The Code must be used among the employees of the Group, and it must be a reference for the Company’s partners.

Votorantim and U.S. Zinc expects that its Code of Conduct will not only be regarded as a source of information, but that it can also inspire honest, impartial and transparent relationships respecting people, diversity and the environment.

Votorantim and U.S. Zinc have an Ombudsman in order to learn about, analyze and solve issues regarding its Code of Conduct. This channel may be accessed both by internal and external audiences. The Ombudsman ensures the confidentiality of all information, protecting the identity of people involved and guaranteeing that observations are discussed at the appropriate level within the organization.

Read the complete text of the Code of Conduct in order to understand and use it as a reference in the daily contact with Votorantim and U.S. Zinc.