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Did You Know? Zinc Oxide Helps the World WorkTM
Did You Know we are an industry leader and progressive worldwide supplier of zinc oxide? It is our largest selling product. The zinc oxide we manufacture is an essential ingredient in many of the common goods used around the globe every day, including tires, pharmaceuticals, plastics, cosmetics, glass/ceramics and seals/gaskets. Tire manufacturers use our zinc oxide […]
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Did You Know? Zinc Fines Help the World WorkTM
Did you know that zinc fines are essential to the agriculture industry? The zinc fines we produce are used to enhance animal feed and enrich fertilizer and soil for crops. U.S. Zinc produces a wide range of zinc fines which can be used as an ingredient in agricultural fertilizers, zinc chemicals and as a raw […]
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Did You Know? Zinc Dust Helps the World WorkTM
U.S. Zinc owns the largest, single site zinc dust plant in the world. It’s located in Houston, Texas and is our second-best-selling product after zinc oxide. The zinc dust we manufacture has a variety of practical uses. It’s used in paints and coatings as a corrosion protector, so products don’t rust or deteriorate as quickly. […]